Art Journal(s) / by Louis Holstein


I started journaling my Senior year of High School. My mentor at the time highly encouraged it as a way to connect with God and all He did in my life. Almost 10 years later and I still journal different parts of my life, what God is speaking to me, and what I am learning. It's been a healing process through the more difficult seasons of life, but also a way for me to look back and remember where I was. "On Mercy" was able to be compiled and written because of the journals I have kept throughout the years. This year, however, during my renaissance, I started something new: Art Journals. 

I have two of these "Art Journals" but not for any reason in particular. When filled with inspiration I will grab whichever is closest to me and being to jot down anything and everything that comes to my mind. The small field notes journal was great to have when walking through the Art Institute of Chicago, for little notes of inspiration. The larger leather bound journal I use to capture pieces of books I am reading. I have found that writing what I read helps me internalize the material much better than just reading and underlining. I have inserted several pictures from both journals to highlight some of my favorite notes. I've only been practicing this in the last 6 months, but I have already found it extremely helpful.

Well, that's all I wanted to say about that. Get an art journal. It will help you tremendously in your journey to inspiration and artistic creation.