On Mercy is HERE / by Louis Holstein


It took me 10 years to write On Mercy. Over those 10 years, I have worked in various aspects of the creative world, and I have never released something so personal before. I'm proud of it and today I release it. On Mercy navigates through four sections, "On Trust," "On God's Character," "On Christian Character," and "On Mercy." The book is directly from my personal journals, so there is a certain vulnerability the book shares with the reader. Getting the first printed copy in my hands, I wasn't ready to experience the emotion that I had captured in just 100 pages. I'm excited, now, for others to read it and chew on it. To agree with it, or disagree with it. I pray is ministers to people where they are, and I pray it starts a conversation. One thing I love about art is the way it can speak so many different truths to so many different people, hopefully On Mercy is the same.