This is my Renaissance. / by Louis Holstein

I have always been an appreciator of the arts. As far back as I can remember, music, color, preforming and the like were the parts of life I was most attracted to. Growing up I came into contact with Jesus and He changed everything. It's not that my love and appreciation for the arts died, but I surrendered the love to Him. That was 2006.

In 2009 I attended Southeastern University and met my future wife.

In 2012 I started to get involved with the hardest journey of my life: the City of Mulberry.

In 2013 I graduated from Southeastern University and married my wife. We moved to Mulberry.

There is too much to say about our lives in Mulberry, FL over the last six years. That is truly another (several other) post(s) in and of itself. What I can say is that I was not creating. I was looking at art from a distance. I surrendered my love for art with no intention of every receiving the ability to create again.

In 2017 God said, "create."

That brings us to now. This is my rebirth. This is my renewal. "So you want to create? Then create." God was clear. The creator began to create in me a new thing. A book. A curated art exhibition. An art-focused community group. New songs. New education. This is my renaissance.