ArtTalk LIVE / by Louis Holstein

ArtTalk came to me in a road trip to South Carolina earlier this year. My mind would wander in the silence of the car, thinking about God and art and people. Then, out of no where, the idea hit me like a ton of bricks. What if, once a month, you got together artists and lovers of art and talk about the art that moves you? Would something like that work? Surely it has been done before, but would people come to your art discussion group? The silence didn't answer my insecurities. I knew of someone who would give me honest input: my wife. "Go for it," she said. 

And so I did.

I selected a gallery from the Google Culture Institute, a TED Talk, and a music video, put them together on a mail-chimp e-mail, selected a date, and sent the art material and invitation to my friends. And so ArtTalk was born. 

Not long after my decision to have an art discussion group in my house, I decided to name my Art Blog ArtTalk as well. They are two different things, yet share a name and purpose: to get others to see the value, importance, and beauty of art. We just had our second ArtTalk and it was incredible. I came away recharged and inspired, full of new creative juices I would not have attained on my own. I can't wait until next month!