Artist Spotlight: Christine Wilson / by Louis Holstein

Christine Wilson: lover of color and flower arrangements. This is easily noticed when viewing her work. Christine Wilson: speaker from the heart and embodiment of light. Christine Wilson: Artist. Viewing Christine's work (which includes a wide variety of mediums such as watercolor illustrations ((some shown below)), tattoo art, lettering, and logo work) one can see a congruent style. This is the marks of a true artist, one who knows their style, or one whose work others can spot from a distance. Christine's is like that. I am a lover of typography and quotes matched with imagery, so there are plenty of pieces that I truly adore from her portfolio. I have also seen commissioned work of hers, and just when I thought she couldn't get any better, she proves me wrong. 

I went to college with Christine, and had the honor of working along side her in various creative projects; she even designed my wife's original logo, and even our baby shower invitations. What makes Christine such an effective artist is that she listens. I have to say in knowing her over the past 8 years, something she lends herself to is listening. From there, she is able to create not only for herself, but for clients in the most brilliant of ways. She captures the very essence of their being through color, shape, content, and lettering. She is, as she quotes above, "bold without shouting." She speaks through the tools in her hands- and it is often very bold.

Country Eyes, City Sin

Boldness. This brings me to Christine's most profound, most honest and most personal work I have seen from her to date. County Eyes, City Sin. Once you begin the journey (which if you have not yet interacted with it, please do so here before reading any farther), you quickly find that this has to be personal: this project is comprised of journal entries. 

Page 21, from  Country Eyes, City Sin

Page 21, from Country Eyes, City Sin

Whatever line there is between journaling and art, or poetry and diary entries, Christine sets it to fire. As I embarked on the journey that is Country Eyes, City Sin, my heart began to ache in a way that not many art pieces have caused my heart to ache before. Whether it be because of the sheer honesty, or the fact I know her personally, it was certainly a work that was thought through. It follows Christine through a heart wrenching breakup and the aftermath. It is permeated with sketches, a photo, and poetry. It is messy (as real life is). It is frustrating (as real life is). It is open-ended (as real life is). 

I can't say this was the first time I had seen a "journal-turned art" project before, but I can say it is the greatest I have seen of its kind. Unlike other projects, her's says something. Country Eyes, City Sin bleeds. We see her melt before us, yet proclaim there is hope for all who feel hopeless. I could hear her saying, "you are not alone in your pain." In the midst of her pain, she was able to curate this work that perhaps give her pain a little more meaning. This work sat with me for several days (as great art does) and although uncomfortable, I was thankful. While I'm thankful Christine shared this work of art with the masses (I truly am grateful), I also understand that it wasn't for us.

It was for herself. 

The best art comes out our most vulnerable states, when we are most honest. Christine does this time and time again. Her work reminds me of what it is to be human. That is the greatest gift she can give.

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