Artist Spotlight: Raney Wade / by Louis Holstein

When I started ArtTalk, I wanted to highlight established artists as well as up and coming artists. Today's post highlights someone who is in the middle of those two categories. As with many of the artists that are featured here, I have known Raney for quite a while. We both attended Southeastern Universtiy, and although we were mere acquaintances, I could see the artistry in Raney a mile away (she was a freshman, I a senior.) Several years later, my wife, Ashley, established a friendship with her while working at Concord Coffee. Interestingly enough, Concord Coffee was instrumental in her launching of Rane Made: her clothing company. 

To be honest, when I first witnessed her pieces, I didn't really get it. I didn't understand what she was attempting to do. Was it bohemian chic or something more classic? Why were the clothes so flowy? Where is the artistry in seemingly non-patterned clothing? I only recognized one thing: Ashley loved her clothing. What I grew to understand is that Ashley was not alone. It seems I am a man of habits. As I was going through some of my past Artist Spotlights, I found it usually takes a bit of time for me to really get behind a new artist. Obviously, Rane Made was no different. However, in my time with Raney's designs in the last two years, whatever I did not appreciate or understand initially, has changed to a true respect and love.

Raney, through Rane Made, is all things to all people. She is boho chic, yet classic in her designs, and her clothes fit women of all shapes and sizes. This is the strength of her brand. She is not coercing women to be a particular type of woman to wear her clothing (which plenty of other designers do, whether intentionally or not.) She is not a horendous example of fast fashion, holding on to the fads with loose fingers. What Rane Made does is provide a blank canvas for women to paint on. She creates staple pieces that can be the base for a lasting, well built, timeless wardrobe. Her quality is top notch and best of all, every product that leaves her studio has been touched by her hands. She is extremely intentional about doing what she loves, so it is safe to say there is an uncontrollable amount of passion and love poured into every piece. This is what makes her an artist. Not only that, this is what makes her a great artist. 

Like any art, fashion design is one coined of vision, discipline, and creativity. Every time I see a new shirt or dress added to her inventory, it's clear that she is growing as a designer and having fun. She is not bound by trends and fads, as I said before, she is after what pleases her eye. Shop local is an initiative taking Cities by storm, and Rane Made is a wonderful place to start for those who are looking to start supporting small buisness. Below are some of my favorite peices:

We wear culture. The culture Raney is creating is warm and invitng, simple yet profound- like a hug. Her designs accept ladies where they are. It forces me to ask, when will the guys get a line?(wink) What Raney stands for as an artist: individuality, quality, and passion, I pray will shake the current fashion norms. Her work gives new meaning to "make a better world."

She truly is making a better world: one hem at a time.

You can shop her latest collection here, and follow her on insta here.