Artist Spotlight: Sheila Burgos / by Louis Holstein

On December 31, 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Sheila Burgos. She had gotten in touch with my Ashley to take some images of her and her work and I was privileged enough to tag along. Sheila is a Puerto Rican native who relocated to Central Florida about 2 years ago. She just recently took the plunge into full-time painting and I can't wait to see where her art takes her.

Her work is bold and vibrant, full of life. It's loud and colorful, full of textures and layers. I could look at her work every day for the rest of my life and I am certain I would find something new each day. She is inspired by international styles and loves to travel. Walking into her home/studio it was easy to see the foreign flavor that she loves to embrace. Looking at her work I can't help but smile. It is as if the colors are demanding the emotional response from me.   

Aside from fully taking each painting in and internalizing them, another joy was the conversation that ensued between the three of us. Sheila's background is graphic design, art therapy, and floral paintings. Listening to her talk about her experiences as an artist, truly pushed me to be better. He creative process was beautiful as well. Not only does she have a journal (I've written about the importance of having an art journal, just sayin'), but she talked about how her art is a conversation between herself, her paints, and her canvases. She described the healing that comes from letting go and allowing the colors to speak. I had not heard the healing power of art articulated so perfectly and effortlessly. I was speechless.   

I think the conversation was the biggest take away for me. Not just because of what we talked about, but because the way we talked was effortless. We arrived to photograph her art, and we left with a friendship. What is the purpose of art, if not to bring people together? I was humbled to tag along with my wife as she captures Sheila's work, and I was humbled to sit and listen to Sheila share her creative process and how her art has changed her. Most of all I am humbled to think that this may be the start of my lifelong dance with art and artists alike. Sheila reminded me through her incredible work, that beauty changes things. So may God use my life to bring art, and from art, beauty, to this world.

Keep up to date with Sheila's work here.
The beautiful images from this post were taken from none other than Ashley Holstein Photography.