I Am Complete. / by Louis Holstein

The life that chooses to surrender to Christ is always the most beautiful life. To say, “yes” to Christ, is to say, “no” to self. There is nothing easy about the decision, but it is simply a decision. I shot a video the other day of my face. The original goal of the video was to capture different emotions in slow motion. I find myself experimenting with different art mediums lately and film was one I had not tackled in depth yet. As I shot the video (with Ashley’s excellent help) I realized if I boiled down all the emotions in my life they can come down to two: joy and sadness. I split the video into three parts (a trilogy) and titled the three parts: “I am Whole,” “I am Broken,” and “I am Complete.”

All good things are from above. It is God who gives me joy and happiness. I’m grateful for the blessings he has poured on Ashley and me. The darker moments in life, the pieces He asks us to obey, even though we do not understand, those are also given by God. He allows His children to be broken. In fact, I don’t know that I could have a right relationship with Him without brokenness. It is the blessings of joy and shadows of brokenness that make me complete. We have to walk through both to call ourselves human. I’m just relieved He has already walked the path before me.