And the Tony Goes to... / by Louis Holstein

Give "The Band's Visit" ALL the awards! 


Last night at the 72nd Annual Tony Awards, The Band's Visit walked away with 10 wins! 10! I was not ready for the sweep that they were able to pull off. And yet, although I was not expecting such a victory, I was extremely excited for them. Like "Once," and "Fun Home," before it, "The Band's Visit" is an intimate little musical with depth and heart and humanity that is sometimes not showcased on the Broadway stage. I convinced Ashley to see the show a little over a month ago because the reviews were so good, and I am so glad we saw it! It's honesty and silent moments, make it, unlike anything I have ever seen in the theater. It's truly an important show on understand each other and the need for empathy in a time where self-preservation seems to rule as king. 

While I was not a part of the Creative Team that put this masterpiece together (a guy can dream), I can say as an audience member, I join in the family that is "The Band's Visit." With their 10 wins (they were nominated for 11, everyone), I hope this will unlock truly original theater once again. That Broadway will not just be made up of theme park commercialism, but also allow space for the artists who speak quietly, to shine. 

Congrats team, your musical changed me for the better.