This Season / by Louis Holstein

A month or so ago I asked Ashley to capture me in a photoshoot. She has been taking pictures of me since we started dating, but we had never had a one on one photoshoot together. In fact, I had never done a photoshoot, period. I wanted it to be raw and genuine. I wanted her to capture this season as only she can. 

And she did.

She showcased the shoot on her blog, and I was blown away. Instead of reinventing the wheel, here is the shoot and her own words...

"I specifically wanted to capture this season. It's uncertain, vulnerable, raw, real, tense, and just plain hard. He chooses to walk in faith where the ground is unstable. There's nothing to hold on to. There are moments when worship is enough and moments when it's not. There are days when he needs to cry just because the feelings have been stuck inside for too long. There is anger that comes out of nowhere to unveil a hurting heart. Around us there is injustice, there is corruption. There's also healing and moments of gratitude. They are few, but they're there.
He continues to love, to fight, to encourage, to lift up and keep on going. God sometimes shows up in mighty ways during his quiet times; sometimes he wonders if He's there at all."

Ashley Holstein Photography-Lover-4.jpg
Ashley Holstein Photography-Lover-45.jpg
Ashley Holstein Photography-Lover-62.jpg

Thank you, Ashley, for seeing me.