Construction / by Louis Holstein

There's been construction going on in front of our house for the middle of July. Here's a visual of our current situation as of September 6th.


The project wasn't intended to be drawn out this long, in fact, it should have taken several days. The construction company was originally supposed to replace the sewer pipe, but in the process of doing so, they broke a water line and much more. (For the whole story see:  Outside of all the technical talk, what I know is this: the project is not done and there is no completion date in sight.

Between the spouts of no water, no internet, (and at one point no electricity), our garbage and recyclables not being collected and the difficulty of getting our car in and out of our driveway (on a daily basis) I have been thinking about the correlation between this construction and the season of life we are currently in. When I wake up each day to the sound of a generator, I have to remind myself, "this is not forever." It's easy to believe that it will be our situation forever because there's no completion date to look forward to, but that's not true. There will be an end date. It's actually easy to compare this construction with our current season of life not because the construction is a large inconvenience (which it is) but because it doesn't seem like it will end!

God has been doing a lot in our lives this season in Mulberry. He has given us friends, a beautiful home, amazing jobs and even the joy of our lives: Alana. He has also given us silence, and allowed injustice; in this season friends have turned their backs on us and God has walked us through valleys we never knew existed. We came to Mulberry knowing that we were not going to be staying forever; we knew there was a finish date we just didn't know when. Now, 6 years later, It is easy to start complaining and even doubting that we will ever leave, just like it is easy to complain about this construction. But I feel that God is asking us to see with His eyes, not only the literal construction in front of our house, but also this season of construction in Mulberry.

Photo by Ashley Holstein -

Photo by Ashley Holstein -

I'm grateful to know that Ashley and I are not alone in the struggle of "completion dates." We all go through those seasons where we know they will not last forever, but it feels as though they will never end. That is where trust comes in. Ashley and I are not going to succumb to the doubt that the construction will last forever. In fact, we are going to stand on the promise of God, in full faith, that there is an end. If you find yourself in a similar construction season, waiting for its completion, be encouraged: it will. But also be encouraged to not miss what God is doing in your life. Whether you feel him or not, He is close.

Lately, I have been asking, "what do you want from me, God?" This morning He whispers, "Rest in me, Louis." I don't need an end date when I have Him. He is enough.