Mami: An Ode to Motherhood / by Louis Holstein

It has become a passion of mine to document my family (see Tuesday or my recent Inspiration post). I don’t trust my memory to share the little moments with me, so I stop time and zoom in on who we are. About a month ago the talented Melissa Blythe came a photographed our family in our current season of anticipation. Ashley is due with our second child on September 1st. As Melissa did her thing, I was able to observe Ashley with Alana, mother with daughter, adult with child. Their interactions were so specific. They don’t behave this way with anyone else, their relationship is sacred. These observations inspired Mami.

I’ve known Ashley for a little over 10 years now. I’ve watched her become my wife over the last 6 1/2 years, and more recently watched her become a mother. It’s fascinating how in one little moment, a mother is born. Through the blood, sweat, and tears, Ashley birthed Alana into this world but that delivery was just the beginning. Now more than ever I realize that in motherhood there is joy and pain, laughter and tears, beauty and brokenness. It is everything at once. Motherhood is a miracle. This is a vignette dedicated to that miracle. With Alana 4 months shy of 3 years old and a second one still forming in her womb, this is Ashley, the mother. She is strong, patient and kind. She is beautiful, soft and bold. She is Mami.