2018: Year in Review (What I've Learned) by Louis Holstein


I journal. Every year at the end of my journal (1 for every year), I write the good of the year, the bad of the year, what I learned in the year and Goals for the next year. 2018 was no different. While there was a half page of bad, I almost ran out of space to write about the good. Goals are all set for 2019, and so now came the cringe-worthy part: reading my journal entries from January 2018 to present and drawing up what I learned. I usually find myself annoying in past tense and this year was no exception. Regardless I found 2018 to be a year of great learning, but also a year with lots of reminders. I pray going into 2019 that I can grow from these lessons and not repeat 2018 all over again. Without any further ado, straight from journal, here is the list of what I’ve learned.

What I’ve Learned in 2018 (featuring all the reminders too)

(in no particular order)

  1. I have the most capacity to create when I am overflowing from the Creator.

  2. To be known by God is everything.

  3. Social Media is mainly a lie.

  4. Outrage rarely wins people over.

  5. I must not confuse God’s silence with anger.

  6. For the believe, the worst is not the last.

  7. Surrender breeds humility.

  8. There will never be a moment in time where obedience to God becomes easy. It’s always a step of faith to obey, and that is hard.

  9. People will think whatever they want to think. I answer only to God (and my wife).

  10. Obeying God out of fear and obeying God out of trust are two very different things. One has to do with work I do and the other has to do with the work God has done.

  11. God loves me completely and extravagantly. There is nothing I can do (or not do) to have more (or less) of God’s love. Receiving God’s love has nothing to do with what I do, and everything to do with what God has done.

  12. My love, adoration, worship and interest does not keep God close. God’s closeness is in God’s character. It is not about what I do, it is about what God has done.